2016 February 16
by Silverdale Borough


Chapter 127-Burning, Outdoor

127-1: Purpose; It is against policy to allow uncontrolled, unrestricted outdoor burning.  The purpose of this article is to prevent needless damage to life and property because of public and private nuisances caused by outdoor fires deliberately and carelessly set and improperly maintained.

127-6: Control of Burning and unattended fires

  1. No fire shall be allowed to burn unattended without a responsible adult being present at all times and without readily available fire-extinguishing equipment.
  2. No fire shall be set that results in uncontrolled burning of vegetation (Feld fires)
  3. Outdoor fires shall be contained in a noncombustible container, covered with a wire screen of ½ inch or smaller mesh, or in another suitable noncombustible container, except for fires of leaves, brush and/or natural, untreated wood, which need not be confined to or covered by a noncombustible container.

127-7: Extinguishing unsafe fires.  It is a violation of this article for any person to allow any fire to burn under adverse weather conditions or unsupervised or other unsafe manner.  Any such fire may be extinguished by any official of the Borough-designated fire company or extinguish immediately upon request of such official.

127-8: Hours. No person shall burn or cause to be burned any substances, nor shall any person or persons set or maintain any contained or uncontained fire or burn material of any kind outdoors anywhere in the Borough between sunset and sunrise.

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