2016 February 16
by Silverdale Borough

Emergency Kit

Use plastic containers or duffel bag to hold your emergency kit.

Keep in a place where you can grab them easily.

Stock up on items that can be eaten right out of the can, bag, box or bottle.

Try to avoid foods that could make you thirsty.

Try to have three (3) days supply.


Recommended food supplies:

Canned meats, fruits, vegetables.

Protein or fruit bars.

Dry cereal or granola.

Peanut butter.

Nuts and dried fruit.


Canned juices.

Nonperishable pasteurized milk.


Baby formula or food (if you have a little one).

If you have a pet, pet food.

Water, at least one (1) gallon per person per day.

If you know a storm is approaching, fill buckets, coolers and the bathtub with tap water for washing and for use in toilets.


Other supplies to have:

Manual can opener, plastic eating utensils, paper plates, napkins, garbage bags.

Moist towelettes, toiletries, toilet paper, diapers, tampons or sanitary napkins, extra clothes, battery-operated fans, sleeping bags or blankets, entertainment items.

Prescriptions, glasses, bug repellent.

First-aid kit, flashlights, hand-crank or battery-operated radio, NOAA weather radio, batteries, matches in a waterproof container, fire extinguisher, air horn or whistle.




Mortgage documents or rental agreements.

Homeowners, renters and automobile insurance policies.

Financial statements and account numbers.

Copies of prescriptions for medications

Tax records.

Contact information.



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